Restoring soil health is key to addressing the societal and climactic challenges humanity faces, but farmers risk wasting time, money and resources by choosing sub-optimal soil health improvements.

The future of soil health intelligence

Poor soil health is a problem that is reducing the productivity and profitability of the agricultural industry worldwide – although yields should be increasing, declining soil health is lowering or limiting crop yields, decreasing the resilience of crops to pests and diseases, and making crops less drought resilient. The societal and climactic benefits of restoring soil health make it key to addressing many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Farmers are increasingly understanding that healthy soils are key to profitable farming. Healthy soil has more micro-organisms per gram than there are people on the planet – and without these living microbes, soil is not soil, but just dust.  

There are many ways in which a soil’s health can be improved, but choosing the right way is key to a farm being as profitable as possible – and in order to maximise profitability, these choices need to be made as efficiently as possible.



PES Technologies has developed technology powering a game-changing soil health analysis tool, so that farmers and agronomists can make the right choices for their farms as efficiently as possible. 

Founded in late 2017, PES Technologies received investment at the pen-and-paper stage to develop its proprietary sensor technology. Following the successful completion of a proof-of-concept study, PES began to develop its soil health analysis product around its revolutionary technology.

PES is currently leading multiple publicly funded projects to develop its product, partnering with some of the leading voices in industry and academia to guide it along the way.

By developing a tool that will re-define soil testing, PES will make sustainable, profitable farming a reality every farmer can afford.  

Andrej Porovic

Andrej Porovic


Joining initially to coordinate PES’ feasibility study application, Andrej has secured over £2 million of project funding for product development across 10 different partners. Having coordinated PES’ internal efforts for several years, Mr Porovic was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in September 2019

Before joining PES, Andrej worked in Project Management in many technical fields, ranging from nanotech to medtech. 

Jim Bailey

Jim Bailey

CTO / Co-Founder

Dr Bailey co-founded PES, securing investment at the pen-and-paper stage to develop the company’s proprietary sensor technology.

Dr Bailey is an experimental solid state physicist who received their PhD from Imperial College London.

Graham Bailey

Graham Bailey

CPO / Co-Founder

Graham came on board to ensure that the sensor product could be brought to the mass market.

Graham is a former R&D Director with previous P&L responsibility for a 50M€/year turn-over electronics controls business. He previously worked on the development of a novel sensor that ended up being produced in the millions.

Rob Ward

Rob Ward


Rob is a former fruit farmer with extensive experience of both running commercial farms and food retail businesses. He has also helped small businesses scale up from pre-Seed to Series C funding

Ilario di Bon

Ilario di Bon


Ilario has worked for over 25 years in the investment banking space, having held roles as Head of Equities at companies such as UBS, Fidelity International and Alliance Trust; he also has extensive experience in consulting SMEs and scale-ups.

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