PES Technologies has developed a game-changing soil health measurement tool



Comprehensive Information on Soil Health

We work with leading industry and academic experts to provide farmers with the most comprehensive picture of soil health they can get. Our tool reports on a variety of biological, chemical and physical soil health indicators, including microbial biomass and soil organic matter content, by analysing the activities and diversity of a soil’s microbial community.


Test while in the field

The PES sensor system is hand-held, battery powered, and controlled with a smartphone app. Soil samples are analysed directly in-field, and no sample preparation is required beyond putting soil into our tool. The entire process, from start to finish, only takes 5 minutes per sample – meaning you can see what’s going on below your feet, while you observe your field.


One test = Many soil health indicators

Rather than doing lots of different tests to get comprehensive information about soil health, you will only need to do one with our tool. By analysing the activities and diversity of a soil’s microbial community, we provide information about many soil health indicators; we are training it on microbial biomass and soil organic matter content.



Every sample analysed by our tool also includes the GPS coordinates of where a sample is taken. This makes it easy to track how your soils’ health is changing over time, so you can decide whether what you are doing there is really working.

Go on - try it yourself!

Testing is as simple as a mouse-click


How it works

Testing is a 5 minute process

  • Sampling

    A small sample (roughly 100 g) is scooped from the top 20 cm of soil. No further preparation of this sample is required. Importantly, the location of each soil sample is geo-tagged automatically via the app.

  • The Reader Unit

    The sample is added into our handheld reader unit by placing it in the soil drawer. Once the drawer is closed, the measurement can begin.

  • The Test-Strip

    A test-strip is removed from its protective packaging and slotted into the Reader Unit. It will collect data about the soil sample.

  • The App

    After a few minutes, the reader unit sends the data collected by the test-strip to our app on a user’s mobile phone via Bluetooth.

  • Machine Learning

    The data is uploaded to the cloud by the app, where machine learning software analyses the data and identifies a wide range of soil health indicators.

  • The Results

    The results are sent back to the phone, where our app displays this information in an easily understandable way.

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